Nabi Bakash, Pakistan

August 12th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Aus aller Welt, News

Bis zu 1 Million älterer Menschen sind, so wie der 64 jährige Nabi Bakash, von der Überschwemmung in Pakistan betroffen.Ein Bericht von Helpage:

Asma Akbar, Programme Manager for HelpAge in Pakistan said:

"We know that older people make up approximately 7% of the general population. This means that almost one million older people may be affected by the floods.

“Obviously we are very keen that any official assessments include older people. This will help the humanitarian community respond effectively and urgently to older people’s needs.”

Our emergency response is currently targeting the most vulnerable older people and their families in Nowshera district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We have staff members attached to Merlin medical teams who will specifically focus on the needs of older people affected.

HelpAge is distributing mobility aids, hearing aids, and emergency health assessment kits. We are also handing out food and emergency household items such as flashlights, bedding and water containers.
"They only have the clothes they are wearing"

Asma adds:

“So many people we have spoken to have told us that they had time to take their most valuable belongings with them – maybe a rug, or their livestock.

“But they only have the clothes they are wearing so we are quickly putting together 2,000 new water resistant bags containing sheets, umbrellas, a shawl, and shalwar kameez. We’re also including dates in this package for breaking of the fast, as Ramadan starts this week.”

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